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The Mid-Atlantic Section of The Institute of Transportation Engineers Membership

To become a member of MASITE, first become a member of our parent organization, ITE. As an ITE member, you’ll get the ITE Journal subscription as well as e-newsletters, book discounts, training discounts and discounts at District and International meetings. As a member of ITE, you join a dynamic, interactive group of more than 17,000 transportation professionals spanning more than 90 countries, dedicated to solving today’s transportation challenges.

As a member of ITE within the geographic area of MASITE, you will automatically become a MASITE member.┬áThere are many advantages of becoming a member of the MASITE community. These advantages include, but are not limited to, being included in our mailing list of upcoming events and transportation news around the area, receiving our seasonal newsletter “Interconnect”, having the opportunity to contribute to MASITE events throughout the region, receiving discounts to MASITE events and much more. Being a MASITE member means that you have a genuine interest in transportation. Whether you strive to become a leader in the industry or just like to stay in touch with your peers, it makes sense to be a member of MASITE. . For any questions, please contact our Membership Committee chair, Steve Gault.

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